Prayer of Consecration to the Heart of Jesus


Jesus, meek and humble of heart

Who from all eternity dwells in the heart of the Father,

You who, in the womb of the virgin, has let yourself share a heart like ours,

You, the beloved Son of the Father, who loved us with a human heart,


You who have poured out your heart for the misery of men and women,

Who suffer in their bodies and in their souls,

You who have come not for the healthy, but for the sick,

You who have listened to the afflicted hearts,


You who have welcomed those who labor and are burdened,

You who have relieved them with your meek and humble heart,

You who have changed the heart of stone into a heart of flesh,


You, who have allowed the beloved disciple to rest on your heart,

You, who have allowed him to hear the beating of your heart,

You, who call us to love as you love us,


You, who have suffered in your heart and in your flesh,

Taunts and abuse, flogging and humiliations,

the carrying of the cross and the crucifixion,

You, whose heart was pierced,

You, who loved us to the end,


You, the risen One, who, in the wound of your side, introduce us to a new life,

You, who spread your love, by the gift of the Spirit, in the hearts of believers,

You, who give rise to witnesses of your love all over the earth,


Jesus, meek and humble of heart,

We doctors from all over the world want to learn from you:

to take you as our model and as our guide, as our master and our friend,

as our Lord and our God,

We want to draw from your heart the grace to love as you love and to serve

our brothers and sisters as you have served them.

Heart of Jesus, heart that beats deep in our hearts

and in every human life created in your image and your likeness,

Grant us to recognize the dignity of all human life,

to protect and care for it, to relieve it and to heal it.


Heart of Jesus, heart which has let itself be modeled in the heart of Mary,

Grant us a heart of wisdom, intelligence, discernment and virtue,

that draws on the word of God and helps us to love and to serve.


Heart of Jesus, who worked with human hands, loved with a human heart,

Grant us the grace to put our skills at your service

and to seek with a sincere heart the abilities and knowledge

to take care of those who suffer with love and service.


Heart of Jesus, heart that accompanies our hearts,

Grant us a heart of compassion not to turn away

from the misery and suffering of our brethren

but grant us the joy of serving before being served.


Heart of Jesus, with whom we find rest,

Grant us a prayerful heart that is meek, loving and at peace.

Grant us the strength to courageously pursue our mission,

and the wisdom to accept our human limitations.


Heart of Jesus, pierced on the cross,

Grant us a heart of humility: that from our own wounds and weaknesses

we can accept the fragility of those around us and the proper attitudes to care for them.

Grant us the ability to recognise our mistakes and accept the help of our spouses and families

as well as our colleagues and our patients.

Allow us to pursue together the search for the common good.


Heart of Jesus, from which spring blood and water,

Grant us a heart of wisdom and strength, to use our talents and skills

in the service of eternal life and the good news of salvation.


Heart of Jesus, sign of the love of the Father, source from which springs the Spirit,

pour out charity into our hearts so that by our actions and words,

we can respond to your call to love, care and serve our sick brothers and sisters,

and encourage and strengthen our colleagues and our families,

following Your example of love care and service.


Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we dedicate ourselves to your Heart, to love and serve you.

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like yours.



Rome June 21st 2019