EthicsFinder is an easily useable, expertly curated ethics search engine database hosted by Australian Catholic University. 

Gathering and displaying thousands of links to existing high-quality articles, books and videos from across the web, it is a comprehensive and continually updated 'one-stop shop' for anyone interested in a broad range of ethical, philosophical, cultural and social issues and, in particular, Catholic approaches.  

EthicsFinder uses sophisticated search capabilities and simple functionality to provide a user-friendly, rigorously curated search-engine database connecting users with extensive resources on ethics, life, love, politics, philosophy, and culture. EthicsFinder displays results that can be sorted further for either introductory/general levels or more scholarly/specialist audiences. 

EthicsFinder also collates and continually updates Catholic teaching across every topic, offering users a unique and accessible way to navigate Church teaching. For topics where the Catholic and/or classical ethical approach has received widespread, sustained, or recent critique, search results can also be filtered to display reputable, widely referenced, reason-based critiques. 

All curated resources have gone through a rigorous peer review process involving a global network of over 80  philosophers and specialists from more than 50 universities and institutions. This makes EthicsFinder one of the most diverse, collaborative, and innovative digital educational projects in the Catholic global landscape.  


Patrick Langrell is Director, Portfolio, Strategy and Operations in the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Ethics at Australian Catholic University. As Editor, he liaises with the Advisory Board and consults the network of Editorial Consultants over curated resources. Patrick obtained his BA in Philosophy and MPhil at The University of Notre Dame Australia and has worked in several senior roles across public policy, higher education, and non-profit environments in Australia and the United States.