Why Conscience Matters

A Defence of Conscientious Objection in Healthcare

by Xavier Symons

The book provides a detailed introduction to a major debate in bioethics, as well as a rigorous account of the role of conscience in professional decision-making.

Exploring the role of conscience in healthcare practice, this book offers fresh counterpoints to recent calls to ban or severely restrict conscience objection. It provides a detailed philosophical account of the nature and moral import of conscience, and defends a prima facie right to conscientious objection for healthcare professionals. The book also has relevance to broader debates about religious liberty and civil rights, such as debates about the rights and duties of persons and institutions who refuse services to clients on the basis of a religious objection. The book concludes with a discussion of how to regulate individual and institutional conscientious objection, and presents general principles for the accommodation of individual conscientious objectors in the healthcare system.

This book will be of value to students and scholars in the fields of moral philosophy, bioethics and health law.

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A Cardiologist Examines Jesus: The Stunning Science Behind Eucharistic Miracles - Dr. Franco Serafini

The Gospels might not be “good enough” for modernity, and science is certainly its god. But neither is an impediment to the one, true God. Indeed, He is using methods of the twenty-first century — His twenty-first century — to show how our Faith can be proven through Eucharistic miracles with clinical scientific precision. 

In this astounding book, prominent cardiologist and author Dr. Franco Serafini walks us through the extensive medical and scientific research into five Eucharistic miracles, unveiling the stunning testimonies of hematologists, oncologists, neurologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, and more who all concluded the same thing: the five Eucharistic miracles are undeniably authentic. 

In surprising and fascinating ways, each of these miracles relates to the others: all reveal heart muscle tissue, many reveal a heart that was experiencing extreme suffering, and some reveal a heart still enduring tissue trauma.  

You’ll learn how the human DNA found in Eucharistic substances was identified, what kept a revered eighth-century relic alive until the twenty-first century, and how the identical blood group recurred in the unique miracles to provide contemporary man with a thrilling statistical fortress. Best of all, you’ll be armed with the scientific data to prove not only that God is still active in the world but that He desires all of us to be in union with Him through His Most Precious Body and Blood.

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Christianity matters in these troubled times

Edited by Dr Kevin Donnelly

In an increasingly secular, materialistic and individualistic age, the argument is put Judeo-Christianity is of little, if any, significance or relevance. In Western societies like Australia, Judeo-Christianity, for all its sins, underpins and safeguards our political and legal systems and contributes much in areas like health, education, welfare, literature, music and the arts. Christianity Matters is a vital read for anyone interested in religion, Christianity in particular, and who wants to know more about the challenges and threats faced by religion in Australia and Western societies today. Through this collection of essays, readers will gain a better understating of the sins and failures of the Church and how Christianity offers the road to human flourishing and inner peace and spiritual fulfilment.

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Purcell Brendan

Where is God in Suffering? Brendan Purcell

In Where is God in Suffering? philosopher Brendan Purcell considers ways in which we can meaningfully reconcile our faith in God with a world that often appears to be plagued by great tragedy. In this deeply personal and impassioned book, the author explores the stories of historical and fictional figures whose unyielding faith in the face of great personal suffering provides solace for people today. From Viktor Frankl and Etty Hillesum, both of whom endured the untold torments of concentration camps, to the terminally ill teenager Chiara Luce Badano, whose trust in God never wavered, Where is God in Suffering? provides an impassioned rejoinder to commentators such as Stephen Fry and Peter Singer who doubt or deny the existence of God. Also included are touching accounts of the lives of friends whom the author has known over the years, and whose great stoicism and faith in adversity will provide inspiration to all those who share in their story. The author explores the stories of historical and fictional figures whose unyielding faith in the face of great personal suffering provides solace for people today.

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Catholic Health Care Ethics: A Manual for Practitioners (3rd ed.)

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD IN EPUB FORMAT. LINK IN EMAIL WILL EXPIRE AFTER 24 HOURS. Completely updated and revised for 2020, the third edition of Catholic Health Care Ethics: A Manual for Practitioners sets the standard for Catholic bioethicists, physicians, nurses, and other health care workers. 

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Catholic Bioethics for a New Millennium Paperback by Anthony Fisher

Can the Hippocratic and Judeo-Christian traditions be synthesized with contemporary thought about practical reason, virtue and community to provide real-life answers to the dilemmas of healthcare today? Bishop Anthony Fisher discusses conscience, relationships and law in relation to the modern-day controversies surrounding stem cell research, abortion, transplants, artificial feeding and euthanasia, using case studies to offer insight and illumination. What emerges is a reason-based bioethics for the twenty-first century; a bioethics that treats faith and reason with equal seriousness, that shows the relevance of ancient wisdom to the complexities of modern healthcare scenarios and that offers new suggestions for social policy and regulation. Philosophical argument is complemented by Catholic theology and analysis of social and biomedical trends, to make this an auspicious example of a new generation of Catholic bioethical writing which has relevance for people of all faiths and none.

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Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ

The Autobiography of Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ: ‘God’s Good for Nothing’ 

Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ (1887-1957) was a Victorian born and educated doctor. In January 1920 she went to Guntur, India, where she became a religious Sister. She was known as Sr Mary of the Sacred Heart JMJ. She spent the rest of her life serving the medical and spiritual needs of the most marginalised people. The Catholic Church declared Mary Glowrey a Servant of God in 2013.

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