St Luke the Evangelist 18th October

St Luke the Evangelist 18th October


Patron Saint of Doctors

Saint Luke, the Evangelist, was a Greek doctor; he was called “Our Beloved Luke, the Physician” by the peripatetic Saint Paul of Tarsus (Col. 4:14). There is much evidence of Saint Luke’s medical background throughout his gospel. For example, when the other two synoptic evangelists recorded Christ’s warning that a rich man will have no more ease passing through the gates of heaven than would a camel passing through the eye of a needle, they used the household term for a woman’s sewing needle. On the other hand, Saint Luke uses the Greek word for a surgeon’s suturing needle. 

At another point, in telling the story of the woman who suffered from hemorrhage, Saint Luke – keenly aware of the mercenary pitfalls of our profession — adds the sardonic observation that the woman had already spent all of her money seeking the advice of many physicians, and yet had been helped by not one of them (Luke 8:43-48 vs Matthew 9:20-22) 

Luke alone of the evangelists recounts Christ’s stunning allegory of compassion and selflessness in the context of providing healing care for the helpless, the injured and afflicted — the Parable of the Good Samaritan. (Luke 10:29-37)





St Luke quote

An inherently pro-life physician, Luke uses the same Greek word for “baby”, whether writing about a baby in the womb or a babe in the manger. And it is he who recounts how Saint John the Baptist, while still in the womb of Saint Elizabeth, leapt for joy at the approach of Jesus, unborn but very much alive, within the womb of his Virgin Mother (Luke 1:39-45). Finally, within the Gospel of Saint Luke, Jesus makes his only reference to us practitioners of medicine: “Physician, heal thyself!” (Luke 4:23).