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The law doesn’t forbid the sale of such ‘soil,’ or its use in growing food for human consumption.


The eight orthodox bishops who voted against the document were Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki and Bishops Gregor Maria Hanke, Matthias Heinrich, Stefan Oster, Dominikus Schwaderlapp, Rolf Steinhäuser, Rudolf Vorderholzer, and Florian Wörner.


The ruling is the latest in a string of recent victories for pro-family adoption groups.


Paige Casey was fired for not going against her conscience.

I’m the father of seven children, and I have responsibilities. Traditional Catholic. And we had a long conversation: How far are we willing to go for what we believe in?’ Commander Green told LifeSite.


'Archbishop Paglia must now in person publish a clear and unequivocal statement committing the Pontifical Academy for Life to the unconditional defence of the inviolability of innocent human life from conception until its natural end.'

While it is clear that COVID-19 is increasing the mortality rate, its lingering impact may be far greater than is presently understood.


The first time Sydney woman Jay Langadinos saw psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey she was 19, living at home and identifying as male. It was May 2010. Langadinos wanted to start on masculinising hormones, and her endocrinologist had referred her to Toohey to assess if she was suitable for the treatment.


Researchers use stem cells from mice to form embryo-like structures with an intestinal tract, the beginnings of a brain, and a beating heart.


In the classic The Spiritual Combat, the first weapon needed for sanctity is self-distrust. Or, as Chesterton said, “Complete self-confidence is not merely a sin; complete self-confidence is a weakness.” Some in Rome should think about this before they cause even more Catholics to question the Faith (or at least the Church). They—and we—should also consider and be grateful for the diffidence of ...